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Converting a sole proprietorship to a company in Kenya. A guide.

If you have registered a sole proprietorship and you would like to convert it to a company in Kenya. Please read on;

  1. Open an Ecitizen Account if you do not have one. An Ecitizen account is required in Kenya to carry out registration of a company in Kenya.
  2. Link your Business if the business in not linked. Read our guide on Linking a business in Kenya.
  3. Business Cessation. For your business to be converted, you will be required to carry out a business cessation on the Ecitizen Platform.
  4. File form BN6 to deregister your business.
  5. The business name will be then deregistered and an option given on the portal for Registration of a company.
  6. You will then be able to register your company in Kenya. See our guide on how to register a company in Kenya.

If you would like to convert your company in Kenya, please contact us for assistance.https://capitaregistrars.co.ke/contacts/

by Capita Registrars

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