Sole proprietorships and partnerships are both registered under the Business Names Act. A sole proprietorship is formed by only one person whereas a partnership will consist of at least two persons and a maximum of 20 persons. The registration procedure for the two is more or less the same as the same Form BN2 is required.

Requirements for registration of a sole proprietorship/ partnership:

  1. Proposed business names for search and approval;
  2. Nature of business; for professional services a practicing certificate by the relevant body for the current year will be attached;
  3. Proposed Physical address of the business. Address includes road, plot number, town, and county;
  4. Full names of the partners or the sole proprietor;
  5. Nationality of the partners/ sole proprietor;
  6. Age of each partner based on their national IDs;
  7. Gender of each of the partners;
  8. Usual place of residence of each of the partners/ sole proprietor
  9. Copy of ID / Passport for Partners /the Sole proprietor;
  10. 2 passport photos of Partners/ Sole proprietor;
  11. Copy of PIN certificate for the Partners/ Sole proprietor
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