The Application is lodged online on the eCitizen portal. Such an application is effective only if it is made on behalf of the company by its directors or by a majority of them;

The process begins with a special meeting of the Board of Directors, in which a resolution to dissolve the company is passed.

The Application is submitted together with the following documents:-

  1. The minutes of the meeting together with the Special Resolution decision to have the company dissolved/struck off (form CR19)
  2. The Application for striking out of the companies register (form CR18). The information needed for the CR18 form includes the name and registration number of the company, its date of incorporation, and the names and signatures of the directors making the application.
  3. The company’s statement of annual returns.
  4. A statement to the effect that the company is cleared from all charges and credit, or that it is able to do so.
  5. A copy of the application should be given to all the members and employees of the company within seven days.
    • The Registrar will thereafter assess the application and publish a notice of the intended dissolution of the Kenya Gazette and invite any person to show cause why the name of the company should not be struck off.
    • As soon as practicable after striking the name of the company of the Register, the Registrar shall publish in the Gazette a notice to the effect that the name of the company has been struck off the register.
    • On publication of the gazette notice, the company is dissolved.

For other forms of winding up see this blog post:

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