To carry out business in Kenya, a foreign company has to be registered under the Kenyan Companies Act. Failure to register the foreign company in Kenya will lead to a fine of Kshs. Five Million Shillings.

Procedure for the registration of a branch of a foreign company in Kenya:

Under Section 975 of the Companies Act, 2015, the following are the requirements for the registration of a foreign company (branch);

  1. certified copy of a current certificate of the foreign company’s
    incorporation or registration in its place of origin, or a document of
    similar effect;
  2. a certified copy of its constitution;
  3. a list containing the names of its directors and shareholders and their
    personal details;
  4. if that list includes directors who—
    (i) reside in Kenya; and
    (ii) are members of a local board of directors a memorandum that
    is duly executed by or on behalf of the foreign company and
    states the powers of those directors; and
  5. notice of the address of—
    (i) if it has in its place of origin a registered office for the purposes
    of the law there in force—that office; or
    (ii) otherwise — its principal place of business in its place of origin;
  6. notice of the address of its registered office under section 983. A foreign company in Kenya is required to maintain a registered office where all communications may be sent.

Registrar issues a Certificate of Compliance signifying the registration of the Foreign Company is complete.

Time scale: It takes approximately 4 weeks to secure the Certificate of registration or in this regard “a Certificate of Compliance”

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