Avoid Legal Pitfalls

It is crucial to contact a professional to avoid getting into legal pitfalls which can be very expensive.

1. Registration of business

You are excited about your new business. Yes, you finally have the capital to start your business and you can’t wait to commence operations. But wait a minute, the business name you have chosen to operate under, do you own it? Before building a brand name, register your business. Many businesses in Kenya operate without registration.

Before setting up a business, a person should register a business at the Registrar of Companies either as a sole proprietor or a Limited Liability Company. This is to ensure that the name that you choose for your business is not already in use by another business.

2. Registration of Intellectual Property

You have worked hard to develop your product; the next step is to protect it. This registration is carried out at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) and the Copyright Board of Kenya.

3. A business must always consult a professional when doing any of the following things;

  • Company incorporation
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts/agreements/Memorandum of Understanding
  • When a lawsuit has been filed against the company
  • When entering into partnerships/joint ventures
  • When entering into partnerships/joint ventures
  • Sale and disposal of company property

Kindly contact Capita Registrars if you require any of these services info@capitaregistrars.co.ke

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