Investor Permit in Kenya

An investor in Kenya is required to register with the Kenya Investment Authority (Keninvest). Upon registration, the investor obtains an Investment Certificate.

With this certificate, the investor benefits from the initial issuance of any additional licenses required for their operations except for health, security, and environmental certificates for a maximum period of one year.

The investor is entitled to three CLASS D entry permits for management or technical staff and three CLASS C, F, OR G entry permits for owners, shareholders, or partners for a maximum period of two years.

Registration Requirements of an Investor Permit in Kenya

1. Investment application form (original)
2. Cover letter (original) The Letter should be addressed to the Managing Director of Kenya
Investment Authority and should indicate the activities of the company.
3. Memorandum and articles of association (copy)
4. Certificate of incorporation (copy) for local companies
5. Certificate of compliance (copy) for a branch of a foreign company
6. Proof of investment
7. Proof of investment can be in the form of a bank statement (whether from a local bank or a
foreign bank), equipment and assets on site or inform of Import declaration forms
/receipts showing that the investor has already bought equipment /assets worth that
amount or any other evidence that the amount to be invested is 100,000 USD for foreign
investors and at least KES 1,000,000 for local investors.

The Investment certificate is issued once projects have complied with security, health, and environmental issues where applicable.

Time Frame
This is dependent on Kenya Investment Authority’s working guidelines.

Upon compilation of the requirements, one shall fill out the Investor permit application FORM 27 and submit the application for processing, clearance, and approval.


1. The type of business/investment/employment/residence you intend to get involved in
determines the type of permit to be issued.

2. Proper documentation in regard to the kind of work you intend to carry out in Kenya is not optional and all necessary licenses or authority to undertake the work should be provided.

3. The work intended to be carried out should be legal in Kenya.

The permits are classified from Class A to M and are issued in accordance with the Kenya Citizenship & Immigration Act 2011 of the Laws of Kenya.

An application form provided on the platform needs to be duly filled out. Depending on the category or class of permit, the following need to be provided as you fill out the relevant application form.

This applies to all types of permits:

  • Cover letter from employer/self/organization; depending on the class
  • Copies of the National Passport
  • Two recent colored passport-size photographs
  • Application fees upon receipt of approval of the application

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