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  1.     CLASS A (Mining permits)

This permit is issued to persons who are planning to engage in prospecting for minerals or mining. The necessary licenses and registrations should be obtained. This can be obtained by inquiring with the State Department of Mining and registering for access to the Mining Cadastre Portal in person. Further instructions are provided for in the aforesaid entities.

A processing fee of KES. 10,000 should be paid when applying for this permit. A copy of the Kenya Revenue Authority PIN certificate and current license will be required when renewing the permit.

  1. CLASS B (Agricultural investors)

This one is issued to persons who intend to invest in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. This involves farming generally and the business of raising livestock for food or other products and includes day-to-day care and selective breeding.

Requirements in applying for this permit include;

  • Proof of land ownership or leasehold interest in land for purposes of carrying out the business herein,
  • Proof of capital available for the purpose and clearance from relevant bodies. Also, a fee of KES 100,000/= should be paid annually.
  1. CLASS G (Investor Permits)

This permit is issued to investors in a specific trade, business, or consultancy. The investor may intend to invest alone or in a partnership in a particular business or consultancy. He/she should obtain the necessary license or authority necessary to carry out the purpose, should have sufficient capital or resources to invest in the intended area and this investment should be beneficial to the Republic of Kenya.

Requirements for Class G Permit

  1. Proper documents regarding the company or business should be provided; for instance, a certificate of incorporation, articles of association, copies of PIN certificate, and shareholding certificate also known as the CR12.
  2. Proof of funds: The investor should provide two copies of bank statements, a valid organizational tax compliance certificate, and also documentary proof of capital to be invested and this should be at least USD 100,000.
  3. The investor should indicate his/her current immigration status if in the country already. All this information is required at the application stage.

When renewing the permit, audited accounts for the previous 2 years and a certificate of tax compliance from the Kenya Revenue Authority are required.

The processing fee in this case is KES. 10,000/= and it is nonrefundable and Kshs. 100,000/= payable annually as the work permit fees.


  1. Form 27 Duly Filled
  2. Documentary proof of capital to be invested, a minimum of USD 100,000
  3. Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  4. Memorandum of Understanding
  5. Articles of Association
  6. Copy of PIN certificate
  7. Signed current audited accounts (only for renewals)\
  8. Processing fee payment receipt

(i) Please ensure that your postal address is correct with the postal code included.

(ii) All documents submitted must be in English / or translated to English by relevant embassies or authorized organizations.

For all government contracts, the following should be presented in addition to other requirements:

(i) Valid signed contract

(ii) Letter from the relevant Ministry or Government Department attaching a list of applicants indicating their full names, nationality, passport number, and profession.

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