Registering a trademark in Uganda

It is common for Kenyan companies to expand into other East African countries like Uganda & Rwanda. Below we offer a procedure for carrying our registration of a trademark in Uganda. A trademark is a sign that is used to distinguish the goods and services offered by one undertaking from those of another. This may…

Send money to Kenya for free with World Remit using code SILVANA15

Please note the cash collection points for World Remit Kenya. https://www.worldremit.com/send/ViewLocations.aspx?id=94-395 You may have heard of www.worldremit.com, a payment service that lets you send money to friends and family. World Remit through Capita Registrars is offering you a free transfer when you send money from the United Kingdom & Canada when you use the service…

Change of Company Name

The company management may be desirous to change the name of the company for various reasons. Such reasons include mergers & Acquisitions, change of ownership, on consolidation of various companies into one, making a name shorter for marketing and many other reasons.

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