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The Regulation of Digital Lending in Kenya

Background The Central Bank on 18 March 2022 operationalized the Central Bank of Kenya (Digital Credit Providers) Regulations, 2022 according to the Central Bank the mandate to regulate Digital Credit Providers in Kenya. The regulations are to apply to entities conducting wishing to carry out credit facilities or loan services through a digital channel in …

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How to become a Payment Service Provider in Kenya

With cash no longer king, Kenya’s traditional banking model has undergone an unprecedented transformation. There is a heightened acceptance of internet-ready payment platforms that are faster, hassle-free, and efficient. Payment service providers have developed to satisfy the growing appetite for solutions such as contactless payment. A payment service provider is a person, company, or organization …

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Money Manager Licence in Kenya

HOW TO ACQUIRE A MONEY MANAGER LICENCE IN KENYA A money manager in Kenya is an entity licensed by the Authority to engage in the business of managing the online foreign exchange portfolio of an individual or institutional investor in return for a fee based on a percentage of assets under management. To become a …

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Appointment, Resignation and Removal of a director of a company in Kenya

Appointment, Resignation, and Removal of a director of a company in Kenya Appointment of a director in Kenya is done either during the incorporation of a Company or appointment by the company at the Annual General Meeting or by an Ordinary Resolution of the Company. The Companies Articles of Association will provide the manner in …

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Board Committees

Board Committees

The Board shall establish and appoint chairpersons to relevant committees and delegate specific mandates to such committees as may be necessary including internal audit, risk management, remuneration, Board nominations, finance, investments, and governance. However, the Board shall remain accountable for the acts or omissions of such committees. The Board shall also ensure that the committees …

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Governance for non profit companies

Governance for Non-Profit Companies

Nonprofit boards have a lot of responsibility. The biggest duties of a board are maintaining the fiduciary integrity of the organization, making sure the organization is achieving mission goals, and managing the employment of the CEO (if there is one). We can think of nonprofit board governance as the guidelines the board uses to accomplish …

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