Societies in Kenya include charitable societies, private member clubs, churches, welfare societies, political parties, etc. They must be registered under the Societies Act for them to be functional.

A society is an association or partnership of ten or more people who have an office or headquarters, place, or business which must be located in Kenya.

The goal of a society is for religious purposes, cultural, political, patriotic, benevolent, or cultural reasons.

Societies are required to apply for registration after twenty-eight days from the day it’s formed. Society will not function if they don’t have authorization from the Registrar, this means if the society takes contribution or donation from its members then it will be considered unlawful.

  1. Have an official name search and secure the proposed name of the society
  2. Visit the offices of the Registrar of Societies in the Registrar General Division of the office of the Attorney General to make the application for registration. Here you will be given application forms to make the application. These forms include;
  3. Make sure you have the following documents for submission.
    • A list of designated members (10 members minimum);
    • The names, occupation, and postal addresses of the officials’ Chairman, treasurer, and secretary;
    • Constitution of the society which must contain the name, postal address, and objects of the society;
    • Application form A and B each in duplicate signed by three of the officers.
    • Copies of the ID, PIN, and Passport photo of the officials.
  4. After preparing the application documents visit the registrar of societies to pay the application fee of Ksh 2000.
  5. Submit your application documents, society’s constitution, required documents, and application fee payment receipt to the office of the registrar of societies.
  6. The processing of the application takes a maximum of 120 days to be ready. If the application is approved a certificate of registration of a society is then issued. If the application does not comply with society’s rules a Notice of refusal is issued.

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