Registration of a public company in Kenya

Registration of a public company in Kenya

A public company is defined by Section 10 of the Companies Act, 2015 as having;

  1. Free transferability of shares
  2. It’s articles do not prohibit members of the public from subscribing to its shares
  3. The Certificate of Incorporation must indicate that it is a public company.

Procedure for Incorporation of a Public Limited Liability Company in Kenya.

To be able to register a public limited liability company in Kenya, you first must open an E-Citizen account as registration can only be done by a director, lawyer or Company Secretary.

1. Name search
The applicant shall be required to search the desired name at the Registrar of Companies which must have the word Public Liability Company or PLC. The Registrar will issue the applicant with a letter confirming that the name is available for registration.

2. Preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of association
The applicant will be required to engage a professional lawyer/company secretary to draft the Memorandum of Articles which will set out the objects of the company and the internal constitution of the company. The company can also adopt the Articles of Association prescribed under the Companies Act.

Documents required for incorporation of a public company in Kenya

  • CR 1– Statement of Company Registration
    CR 2 – Memorandum of Association
    CR 8 –Notice of registered office
  • CR 10- Appointment of Company Secretary
  • CR 12-
  • Statement of Nominal Capital

Requirements for Shareholders/Directors

Copy of ID / Passport for the Shareholders / Directors
Digital passport photos of the Shareholders / Directors
Copy of PIN certificate for the Shareholders / Directors

If you would like to register or incorporate a public company in Kenya, please contact us on or contact us for further details.

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