Application for registration as an alien in Kenya

All foreigners who remain in Kenya for more than three months (90 days) must register as an alien and get an alien registration card. Alien Registration forms are available at Alien registration counters at Nairobi Nyayo House Southern wing ground floor, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Malindi offices.

Persons who qualify for this service

• Residents (non-Kenyan)
• Students (non-Kenyan)
• Government of Kenya recognized refugees
• Mandate refugees (registered in camps

What are the requirements for Application of the Alien card?
1. Be over 18 years of age
2. The Applicant must have a valid travel documents.
3. Have valid immigration status, for example, a valid entry permit
4. Be resident in the country for more than 90 days from date of entry into Kenya
5. 2 passport size photographs.
6. Self presentation to an immigration officer for registration
7. Applicants must be fingerprinted
8. Registration/Initial Application fee of KES 2,000
9. The renewal fee is KES1, 000 per year

How long does it take to process the Aliens Card?
It takes 5 weeks to process the card.

What is the maximum validity of the Aliens card?
Two (2) years

What happens in the case of losing the aliens card?
1. One should apply for a replacement at a fee of KES2,000
2. Form A1 or A2 dully filled
3. 2 passport size photographs
4. Fingerprints to be redone

Can I collect the card for someone?
The applicant is required to go in person for the card or a written authority from the applicant incase of illness.

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