Applying for a work permit in Kenya

Work permits in Kenya are issued by the Department of Immigration. They are issued in various classes depending on the activity that a person intends to undertake in Kenya.


 Class A

Issued to persons who intend to prospect for minerals and mining.


  • Obtain all the required licenses or be assured that they will be obtained.
  • Sufficient capital required for investments
  • For renewal of the permit the required licenses will be required and copy of PIN.

Class B

Issued to persons who intend to engage in agriculture and animal husbandry.


  • Proof of leasehold interest in land for that purpose.
  • Proof of capital available for that purpose
  • Clearance from the relevant bodies

Class C & D

 Issued to persons who have been offered employment by specific employer and is qualified to undertake that employment.


  • Copies of academic/professional certificates and the curriculum vitae.
  • Evidence that the organization duly failed to fill the vacancy from the local labour market.
  • Form 22 (Application for Kenyan Visa) duly filled, signed and sealed by the company.

The prescribed professions are:

  1. Medical profession; any person who would be entitled to registration as a medical practitioner in Kenya.
  2. Dentists; any person who would be entitled to registration as a dentist in Kenya.
  3. Legal profession; any person who is an Advocate within the meaning of the Advocates Act (Cap. 16).
  4. Surveyors any person licensed as a surveyor under the Survey Act (Cap. 299).
  5. Estate Agent, Valuer and Land Agent Any person who is a Fellow or Professional Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
  6. Architects or Quantity Surveyors; any person who would be entitled to registration as an architect or quantity surveyor under the Architects and Quantity Surveyors Act (Cap. 525).
  7. Pharmacists; any person who would be entitled to registration as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy and Poisons Act (Cap. 244).
  8. Veterinary Surgeons; any person who would be entitled to be registered or licensed as a veterinary surgeon under the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Para‐professional Act, 2011 (No. 29 of 2011).

Class G

Issued to investors in specific trade, business or consultancy.


  • Documentary proof of capital to be invested /already invested minimum of 100,000 US dollars or its equivalent.
  • Certificate of incorporation/compliance for the Company.
  • For renewal of the certificate, audited accounts for the previous two years and a certificate of compliance from Kenya revenue authority (KRA) will be required.

Class I

Issued to persons in the country for religious or charitable purposes.


  • A copy of the registration certificate of the organization.
  • Academic and professional certificates for the applicant.

Class K

 Issued to ordinary residents assured of an income derived outside Kenya and who undertake to not accept any paid employment in the country.


  • Documentary proof of assured income.

 Class M

 Issued to conventional refugees


  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Letter from the employer organization.
  • Copies of the national passport
  • Two coloured passport size photographs



Class A Mining 10,000 250,000
Class B Agriculture 10,000 100,000
Class C Prescribed professions 10,000 100,000
Class D Employment 10,000 200,000
Class G Investors 10,000 200,000
Class I Religion and Charity 1,000 5,000
Class K Ordinary residents 10,000 100,000
Class M Refugees n/a n/a



 An application is made to the Department of Immigration at Nyayo House Ground Floor accompanied by the requisite forms and fees.

The application is examined and if approved the work permit is issued.


3-6 Months.

Special pass

 A special pass will be granted where a person wishes to remain in Kenya for a limited period of time when;

  • Applying for review of a decision denying a permit.
  • Applying for a pass or permit
  • Temporarily conducting any trade or business or profession or
  • For any other purpose which the immigration officer considers suitable.

A special pass will be issued for a period not exceeding six months.


Issuance fees of Kshs 15,000/= per month.

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