Registration with NHIF and NSSF in Kenya

Have you registered with NSSF and NHIF? Well, the law will catch up on you since you are violating the laws of the country and yet the registration is simple. Take a look at the simple registration procedures and requirements for ultimate compliance with the laws on NHIF and NSSF

National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

The NHIF fund is a fund established to provide medical insurance cover to all its members and their declared dependants (spouse and children). The NHIF membership is open to all Kenyans who have attained the age of 18 years and years and have a monthly income of more than Kshs 1000. It is a requirement by law that all persons in formal employment contribute monthly towards the fund established under the NHIF Act, No. 9 of 1998. The requirements are-

  • Duly filled Application for Employers Registration form, Form No. 33 (available from the NHIF website)
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration
  • Copy of KRA PIN Certificate


Fill out all the details on the application form as precisely as possible (Leave out the Employer’s/Organized Group/Sponsors Code as this will be issued after registration).

Print out the application form and the supporting documents in TRIPLICATE and take these to the NHIF Headquarters or branches

If you have pre-filled all the documents, hand them over at the registration desk. Once Compliance checks are made, the Company will be issued with an Account number (code) with which he would remit the employee deductions.

Points to note

  • The monthly deductions should be remitted before 9th of every month failure which a penalty of five (5) times amount of contributions due will be levied for late payment payable by the employer.
  • The employee deductions are paid by cheque or B-banking and evidence of payment shall be presented to the Fund. The record of receipts, employee and payment details should be kept since an inspection may be carried out by an officer of the Fund at any time.
  • The NHIF has introduced an online

Benefits to employees

  • Upon admission in hospital an NHIF member is accorded services and the hospital makes a claim to the Fund for reimbursement
  • An in-patient cover for the contributor, declared spouse and children
  • Provides comprehensive medical cover in majority of over 400 accredited Government facilities, Mission health providers and some private health providers across the country
  • Provides in-patient services in private and high cost hospitals on a co-payment basis
  • Comprehensive maternity and CS (Caesarian) package in government hospitals, majority of mission and some private hospitals
  • Dialysis at Kenyatta National Hospital & Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital at a rebate
  • Family planning – Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation
  • NHIF does not exclude any disease.

National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Registration

The NSSF Act, 2013 provides for a mandatory registration of an employer with the Fund. Section 19 provides-

”Every employer who, under a contract of service, employs one employee or more shall register with the ‘Fund as a contributing employer and shall, register his employee or employees, as members of the Fund”

The Act which comes into operation through staggered implementation establishes two funds known as Pension Fund and Provident fund. The Pension Fund is mandatory and covers all workers in formal economy while the provident fund is voluntary and would cover the self employed. Failure to comply with the requirements attract penalties specified in section 55 of the NSSF Act being either to a fine not exceeding Kshs 500,000 or imprisonment of up to 3 years. Each Director of a Company is personally liable for the offence whereas each partner is liable if employer is a firm.

Requirements for employer registration

  • 3 copies of the Employer Application Form   (available on the NSSF website/Huduma centres/ nearest NSSF offices free of charge)
  • 3 copies of KRA PIN Certificates
  • 3 copies Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration of Business Names/ Trading Licence
  • 3 copies of National ID/ Passport (for foreigners)


Fill out all the details on the application form as precisely as possible (Leave out the Employer No., this is to be issued at the NSSF office after registration.) Thereafter visit any Huduma Centres/ NSSF offices nearest to you with the documents on the checklist and join the registration queue.

The registration officer will handle the registration and issue you with the Employer No./Code. Be careful never to lose this number as it is what you will use to make all your NSSF contributions.

The registration officer will then advise you on how to get your NSSF Certificate (either via post, which will take up to 3 weeks in waiting or you personally pick it from their offices the day after registration.)

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