Link a business in Kenya

Have you linked your business on E-Citizen? If not, please read ahead.

Link a business is a requirement by the company registrar where companies align their manual (physical file at the company registrar’s office) file details to their e-citizen (digital) account.

The process takes approximately 14 to 21 days excluding holidays and weekends. The linking of a business option requires clients to provide details for their business entities and we, in turn, verify the details with the information that the Company Registrar has.

What you need to do is sign up for e-citizen account on You need either a national identification number or an alien identification number to be able to get an account registered.

In the E-Citizen portal, there is a Business Registration Services (BRS) option where you can conduct a search for your company through the company name or the company registration number. After which you will need the following details to be able to complete the linking of a business process:

  1. Designation of the company officials (i.e. director/director shareholder/shareholder/ company secretary),
  2. Telephone numbers of the directors and the company,
  3. Email addresses of the directors and the company,
  4. Postal address of the company and the company officials,
  5. Identification Numbers,
  6. Company building/Plot L.R. No.
  7. County, district, locality and street where the company is located.

It is important to note that you ensure that the manual file is up to date to facilitate prompt action by our back end team. The information is then compared with the manual file if everything is in order the company is then verified on the e-citizen portal.

When doing the linking a business application you may be unsuccessful because of the following reasons:-

  1. Annual returns are not up to date or they were not properly filed in the manual file
  2. Incorrect details of the company officials.

Companies that may not comply with this new directive may suffer de-registration. Let us help you link your business today to avoid de-registering of your company by contacting us on 

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